Bloons Tower Defense 6 – Experience A Fun Tower Defense

Download the newest version of Bloons TD 6 and experience a tower defense game like no other! Play with monkeys that defend your base in this funny and spectacular game. There are a lot of heroes you can choose from and upgrade to. Try 21 powerful monkey towers to pop all the balloons! Don’t let the balloons reach your base as you will lose lives. Can you survive all the challenging levels?

Tower defense games aren’t really new in the mobile gaming world. There have been numerous games which was released in the past couple of decades. But Bloons TD 6 is a different breed of tower defense. This game features monkeys as towers and balloons as the enemies trying to invade your base.

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Try to collect all the 11 powerful monkey towers and upgrade them for more attack power. Play in 49 unique maps in a 3D gameplay that will blow your mind! This is a fun game that allows you to form different strategies to protect your base. Upgrades are available as well as you progress.


A Fantastic Tower Defense Game

Fun games are everywhere these days. You can play a lot of these games just by searching. But for those players who are looking for something innovative and fun, Bloons TD 6 may come as a surprise! This is a tower defense games that utilizes monkeys as towers and balloons as invaders.

Out of all the different tower games, Bloons TD 6 seems to be one of the most unique of the bunch. Enjoy upgrading different towers from 21 powerful monkeys! Each monkey tower has its own unique characteristics and attack power. Depending on what you use, they do different things. But the most important thing is that you can upgrade them as you play.

Features of Bloons TD 6

Bloons Tower Defense 6 is a simply fun game for everyone. Here are its most fantastic features:

Special Gameplay – Tower defense games are one of the simplest yet satisfying games to play. These games are like puzzle ones that will keep you glued to the screen for hours. But since most of these games have similar gameplays, it’s hard to find unique ones. But now that Bloons TD 6 is here, you can expect a fun-filled time playing. That’s because in this game, you’re playing with silly monkeys as the towers for your base. Then, the balloons will serve as the invaders who will try to get to your base. You need to deploy your monkeys to shoot at balloons before they get to your base. For every balloon that makes it past your base, you lose a life. There are plenty of challenges that await you in this fun tower defense game!

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Numerous Upgrades – To make things interesting, the balloons will only get thicker and faster as you progress. Because of this, you’ll also need to upgrade your arsenal. Thankfully, there are 21 monkey towers to choose from. You can choose to upgrade them from 3 different paths. Then, you can upgrade them for up to the 5th tier. This will allow your monkeys to become much more powerful and fast. As you progress, your monkeys will automatically upgrade as well. It’s only up to you to choose the path that they will upgrade to.


Heroes – To make things even more interesting, you can choose from the 11 strong heroes. Each of these heroes are powerful and they have their own strengths and weaknesses. But the good thing is that you can upgrade them just like your towers! There are also skins available for you to customize with your heroes. This makes this game so much more fun to play than normal tower defense games. Indulge in epic battles as you try to protect your land from these balloon invaders!

Funky Maps – It also would make sense to play in different maps as this is a tower defense game. In Bloons Tower Defense 6, you can play in 49 original maps. Each of these maps feature unique environments and different layouts. Of course, as you progress, you’ll face difficult challenges ahead. This is why you need to create strategies if you want to survive in this epic game.

Cool Graphics and Controls – One of the coolest aspects here are the 3D graphics! From the balloons to the monkeys, the game has one of the most satisfying designs ever. Experience different scenarios unfold right before your eyes. In this game, you’ll appreciate the simple yet fun designs of the characters as well as enemies. Fight for your base with colorful cast of characters now.

Tips for Playing Bloons TD 6

Bloons TD 6 may just be a tower defense game but it’s going to be tough for new players. For this reason, we’ve compiled these tips to help you:

Have a strategy – You might think that tower defense games are easy, but they present some unique challenges here and there. As you go along, you’ll find that you’ll be pinned down no matter how many towers or heroes you put down. This is why you need to have a strategy in place if you want to win. Quantity isn’t always necessary in order to win in this game. What you need to have is a strategy that you can implement and adjust depending on the level. With that said, it’s always wise to go for upgrades as this will make your towers stronger.


Use heroes – Aside from monkey towers, you can use heroes in this game to help you keep off the balloons. Try to place them strategically in the map where they can attack all the balloons instead of just placing them anywhere.

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Download and Price of Bloons TD 6

For PC ($5.78) -

For Android ($4.99) -

For iOS ($4.99) -

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for a fun and fresh tower defense game, then Bloons TD 6 is one of the best! In this epic game, you’re going to play as monkeys trying to defend your base. Try to keep the balloons from entering your base or else you’ll lose a life!


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